REXROTH Check valves

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REXROTH SV 30 PA1-4X/ R900587558 Check valves

11700 lbf, 20400 lbf 1.8125 in
0.6875 in Steel

REXROTH Z2S 22-1-5X/ R900432915 Check valves

5.0000 in 7.1875 in
TDO Assembly 053893309446

REXROTH SL 10 PB1-4X/ R900443419 Check valves

3/8 in None
1200 (sfm) Plain Sleeve

REXROTH SV 20 PA1-4X/ R900587557 Check valves

21000 10.1
0.08 KGS In Stock

REXROTH Z2S 10-1-3X/V R900407439 Check valves

Brass C3
In Stock 80mm

REXROTH SV 30 PB1-4X/ R900502240 Check valves

1-1/4 in 3-1/2 in
2 in 2-3/8 in

REXROTH Z2S 6-1-6X/ R900347495 Check valves

Steel Non-Flanged Cup
2.8910 in Single Cup

REXROTH Z2S 16-1-5X/V R900412459 Check valves

Non-Expansion Bearin Spherical Roller
Cast Iron Triple Lip

REXROTH SV 20 PB1-4X/ R900501701 Check valves

UC213 UCC200
Cast Iron Contact with Slinger

REXROTH SV 6 PB1-6X/ R900494086 Check valves

83-7-7-3, ASTM B505, Cast Bronze
-450 to 500 ºF 4-3/4 in

REXROTH SL 10 PA1-4X/ R988004505 Check valves

Double-Row Filling S

REXROTH Z2S 6-1-6X/V R900347504 Check valves

1 pcs Negotiable