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One of the amazing things that occurred at TwitterMathCamp was the gathering of 40 math teachers from 19 states and 3 countries. These fully connected teachers then went home and blogged about and described their time at TMC12.  Below you will find a list of the blog postings from these teachers (in no particular order).

@druinok [Shelli Temple, one of the organizers of the event] posted: My thoughts on #TMC12 The Side Effects of the Interwebs

@lmhenry [Lisa Henry, one of the organizers of the event] posted: Best PD Ever

@cheesemonkeysf [Elizabeth Statmore] posted: TMC 12 - Day 1 - working the Exeter problems Increasing intrinsic motivation using the ideas in Dan Pink's Drive TMC 12 — impressions and takeaways TMC 12 - Some other "AnyQs" I've always had about "real-world" problems but been too ashamed to admit in public that I have

@fouss [Kristin Fouss] posted: #TMC12 For Us, By Us Interactive Notebooks

@jacehan [James Cleveland] posted: Twitter Math Camp Math Needs to be the Spark - A talk given at TMC12 regarding how to create interdisciplinary projects. Totally Radical – a game created by James to help learners work with radicals

@mathbratt [Sarah Bratt] posted: Subtracting Integers #TMC12 and My Irrational Fear #MSMath First Day Activities

@mseiler [Mike Seiler] posted: #TMC12

@marshafoshee [Marsha Foshee] posted: #TMC12

@mgolding [Megan Hayes-Golding] posted: Providing Space to Ask Questions in Class

@ehelfant [Elizabeth Helfant] posted: #myfavfriday Who Is Robert Wadlow & Super Size It!

@approx_normal [Shauna Hedgepeth or the preferred “Hedge”] posted: Marshmallow guns (#made4math 7/16) *Sigh* TMC12 is TOTALLY going to ruin my rep...

@samjshah [Sam Shah] posted: 40 Choose 2 First Dates, or Initial Impressions of TMC12 Welcome to the Mathtwitterblogosphere

@rdkpickle [Rachel Kernodle] posted: twitter math camp

@misscalcul8 [Elissa Miller] posted: #TMC12 Problem Solving Best of...#TMC12 #TMC12 Leftovers

@mwmathews [Mike Mathews] posted: #TMC12

@roitzc [Christy Roitz] posted: Twitter Math Camp- #TMC12- St. Louis, Missouri

@k8nowak [Kate Nowak] posted: Twitterers and The Human Resistance and Radical Preschoolers

@SweenWSweens [Sean Sweeney] posted: The Best Professional Experience of my Life

@jreulbach [Julie Reulbach] posted: TMC – People Just Like Me! Every Teacher Should Twitter The No Homework, “Responsibility Binder”

@maxmathforum [Max Ray] posted: Twitter Math Camp reflections Looking at student work & good questions together, online #tmc12

@aanthonya [Anthony Rossetti] posted: Download Them All Mobile Devices OK in Class?

@calcdave [David Petersen] posted: Matrix Multiplication Factoring cubic binomials

@gwaddellnvhs [Glenn Waddell] posted: A visual representation of Imaginary solutions My thoughts on #TMC12 & overcoming myself

@bowmanimal [Bowman Dickson] posted: Getting Started with GeoGebra – Tutorials, Examples and More

@samjshaw [Sam Shah] posted: Welcome to the Mathtwitterblogosphere

@aanthonya [Anthony Rossetti] posted: Download Them All

@troystein [Troy Stein] posted: How to guide the learning process in class & at home (video)

@jrykse [Jamie Rykse] posted: I do it! - Jamie's thoughts and reflections on TMC12

@JamiDanielle [Jami Packer] posted: Coming Down from the Mountain - Jami's reflections about TMC12